Kemin Food Technologies recently expanded its tortilla solutions to include not only mold inhibition but also anti-staling. The company’s TillaZyme products provide tortilla manufacturers a label-friendly anti-staling option. 

“Kemin has been partnering with tortilla manufacturers for mold inhibition for many years,” said Anita Srivastava, PhD, CFS, senior technical service manager, bakery, Kemin. “We found that many manufacturers were also struggling with staling of tortillas. Kemin expanded our portfolio with TillaZyme to help our customers combat that issue. Now tortilla manufacturers have a label-friendly solution, along with support from the technical expertise in tortillas Kemin offers, to help ease the burden on manufacturers by working with one supplier for the minor ingredients needed.”

TillaZyme uses a mix of enzymes and gums to slow down the retrogradation process in corn tortillas. This increases shelf life in a clean label way. Kemin’s technical team can also customize the balance of enzymes and gums to what works best for any specific application to meet finished product goals. 

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