MANNHEIM, GERMANY — Beneo GmbH has launched Remypure S52 P, a precooked functional native rice starch, for use in applications such as cold processed sauces, dressings, dairy desserts and bakery fillings. The ingredient delivers soft and creamy textures and product stability, even under harsh processing conditions such as shear and acid, according to Mannheim-based Beneo.

The pre-cooked starch performs as well as modified starches in cold processing conditions that involve low pH and/or high shear.

“With the increasing demand from consumers for transparent product labels, we are always looking for ways to help our customers meet these market demands,” said Benoit Tavernier, product manager specialty rice ingredients at Beneo. “Remypure S52 P has been developed for food producers searching for an instant clean label texturizer for food preparations that can withstand harsh process conditions, while giving an additional creamy aspect to the texture of the end product. It is the first rice starch of its kind on the market for this type of application and has already been well received in a range of taste tests.”