BAGSVAERD, DENMARK — Novozymes has launched Gluzyme Fortis, an enzymatic system based on a glucose oxidase that has been shown to strengthen gluten and improve dough processability in bread and other baked foods. Gluzyme Fortis delivers the benefits of Novozymes’ original glucose oxidase but in a more consistent and robust way, according to the Bagsvaerd-based company.

Long supply chains, storage temperature and tough climatic conditions negatively impact how ingredients perform during the production of bread.

 “With Gluzyme Fortis, Novozymes has made a new solution to help the industry meet these challenges by developing improvers, corrected flour or pre-mixes that withstand tough conditions in the supply chain and during production of the bread,” said Adam Benjamin Vestergaard Diggle, director at Novozymes.

A video featuring Gluzyme Fortis may be found here.