VACUSPEED vacuum technology from WP Bakery Group provides two areas of application for bakeries: It cools down items hot from the oven with minimum input of energy while extending the shelf life of bread, rolls and Danish pastries. With its patented, dough-specific process, the vacuum cell cools quickly, gently and with minimal loss of moisture.

“Vacuum cooling drastically reduces the process time for cooling fully or par-baked products, such as artisan breads, pastries, Danish and croissant, just to name a few,” said Patrick Nagel, key account sales manager, WP Bakery Group.

The sanitary VACUSPEED reduces product temperature by 39 to 46°F (4 to 8°C) within minutes. This process extends shelf life of baked goods by up to three weeks because germs are killed during the evacuation process before the products are put into sanitary packaging. The patented procedure holds moisture inside baked goods so they stay fresh longer.

VACUSPEED supports the freezing process with its energy-saving high-speed procedure. On average, baked goods with a core temperature of up to 212°F (100°C) are cooled in the vacuum cell in 6 to 8 minutes.