As keto and low-carb diets gain popularity, bakers looking to reach these consumers need to create delicious baked goods that don’t pack so many carbohydrates. Brolite developed its new keto-friendly, low-carb mix for bakers looking for a solution. The bread mix is available in white, grain, sesame and sour varieties. It creates a flavorful bread without a gummy texture or chalky aftertaste. 

“Our keto products are comprised of a specialty blend of resistant starch, inulin, gum, gluten, isolate and fiber that act as a low calorie/carbohydrate replacer for flour,” said Tom Mitchell, lab director, Brolite. “Our products look, taste and perform like their full carbohydrate counterparts and do not need special equipment to be processed.” 

A single serving of sliced bread made from Brolite’s keto-friendly mix has only one net carb. Brolite also offers mixes for hamburger and hot dog buns, pizza crusts, flatbreads, crackers and breadsticks. The company can customize blends to meet specific product needs.