CANTON, MASS. — Dunkin’ is introducing the Dunkfetti Donut, featuring a confetti cake ring coated in sweet glaze. The donut is available Dec. 30 – Jan. 26.

The restaurant chain also is adding an extra caffeinated brew to its lineup as well as two new hot coffees.

Dunkin’ is delivering an extra dose of caffeine with its new Extra Charged Coffee, featuring 20% more caffeine than Dunkin’s classic hot and iced coffee. The additional caffeine is derived from green coffee extract, meaning the caffeine is extracted from the coffee bean itself before it goes through the roasting process, Dunkin’ said. The beverage may be ordered hot or iced.

The idea for Extra Charged Coffee was born from customer requests for more caffeine in their coffee beverages without altering the taste, said Heidi Curry, senior manager of research and development at Dunkin’.

“Some of our guests told us they were looking for a little extra caffeine boost from their favorite coffee drinks … but, adding an espresso shot actually changes the flavor profile of the coffee,” Ms. Curry said. “So, we brewed up a new innovation, Extra Charged Coffee, to give guests the benefit of additional caffeine without altering the taste of the high-quality Dunkin’ Hot and Iced Coffee that they know and love.”

Also new at Dunkin’ is the Limited Batch Series, a program that will rotate a variety of limited-time-only coffees to cater to consumers’ “adventurous palates,” Dunkin’ said. The series begins with the new Explorer Batch coffee, a medium roast with dark berry notes and a smoky finish. The blend is made with coffee beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala, which represent the four main coffee growing regions around the world.

“Our Original Blend offers a medium-light roast and sweet, caramel-forward flavor, whereas Explorer Batch is more of a medium roast with a full, earthy, and smoky flavor,” Ms. Curry said.

Dunkin’ is also debuting Dunkin’ Midnight, the chain’s darkest roast to date. Sourced from Central and South America, the slow-roasted, hot coffee features a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor with notes of cocoa, Dunkin’ said. Dunkin’ Midnight will replace Dunkin’ Dark Roast, which has been on the menu since 2014.

“Over the past six years, our guests’ palates have evolved,” Ms. Curry said. “They’re now looking for even darker taste profiles, like that of Dunkin’ Midnight. Plus, going darker with Dunkin’ Midnight gives us even more room for coffee innovation as part of our new Limited Batch Series.”

Dunkin’s new coffee offerings will be available beginning Dec. 30.

“Since opening our doors more than 70 years ago, Dunkin’ has served a superior cup of coffee,” said Jill Nelson, vice president of marketing and culinary at Dunkin’, a subsidiary of Inspire Brands, Inc. “Now, for the first time in our history, we’re offering the boldest and most diverse assortment of blends and customization options to fuel a new era of coffee at Dunkin’. From the darkest roast in our portfolio to the most caffeinated hot and iced coffee varieties, we are more committed than ever to keeping Americans running on Dunkin’ in 2021.”