DENVER — PHM Brands and its subsidiary Panhandle Milling partnered in December with Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) to donate food to needy families over the Christmas holiday.

All told, 28,000 lbs of flour were donated to the Navajo Nation, which has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, through religious and other non-profit organizations.

The deliveries were coordinated by NAPI, which also assisted in transporting the flour.

PHM said the Navajo Nation in May 2020 surpassed New York in COVID-19 cases per capita. By late November, the group had 14,441 positive cases and 623 deaths. Citing Navajo Nation data, PHM said unemployment in the group stands at 49%.

“We believe that during these uncertain times any business that is in a position to help their community has the responsibility to do so,” said Peter Bisaccia, president of PHM Brands. “Panhandle Milling was honored to be able to provide NAPI and the Navajo Nation with over 28,000 lbs of Navajo Pride All Purpose flour. It was packaged with love and care, from our mill. This is a stressful time for many individuals in our country, and our communities. At Panhandle Milling, we believe no family should go hungry and no parent should have to struggle to put nutritious food on the table for their children. Small acts of kindness done by many can change the world.”

Panhandle Milling, which owns numerous grain handling and processing/milling facilities around the country, operates the Navajo Pride Flour Mill at Farmington, NM, under contract. The mill is owned by the Navajo Nation.

“The day of the flour donation to our local Navajo communities was a great experience,” said Derrick Dona, sales coordinator at NAPI. “I had the pleasure of speaking with multiple community helpers, each with inspiring stories of helping the local people. I was excited to meet different groups of people who have a shared passion to help their communities.”