ANAHEIM, CALIF. – Jean Filion has been named chief executive officer of Nellson Nutraceutical LLC, a nutritional bar and powder co-manufacturer. He succeeds Jamie Better, who will become the executive chairman of Nellson.

Mr. Filion joined Nellson in 2015 after the company acquired Multibar, where he was CEO. Before moving into his current role, he was the president of Nellson Canada and chief operating officer of Nellson. Mr. Filion oversaw the construction and beginnings of Nellson’s facility in Ontario, Calif., and was part of three acquisitions, Mr. Better said.

“I am excited to turn over the reins to such an operationally talented leader who, together with chief commercial officer Bart Child, can take Nellson to the next level of growth,” he added.

Under Mr. Better’s leadership, Nellson was able to triple in size, assemble a bicoastal network of co-manufacturing facilities and build a top-notch leadership team, said Seth Hollander, partner of Kohlberg & Company, the majority owner of Nellson.

“As president of Nellson Canada and COO of Nellson, Mr. Filion has demonstrated outstanding operational leadership as well as deep product knowledge and business savvy,” Mr. Hollander said. “We look forward to continuing to work with Mr. Filion and Mr. Better in driving additional growth.”

Based in Anaheim, Calif., Nellson was founded in 1962 and has been in the nutrition bars and powders industry for 55 years. Production locations include California, Utah and Quebec.