TORONTO — Bimbo Canada is expanding its Dempster’s portfolio with the introduction of Signature Bagels.

Dempster’s Signature Bagels are available in five varieties: four cheese, banana chocolate chip, Parmesan garlic and herb, blueberry, and maple French toast.

The line was inspired by a 2020 online survey Dempster’s commissioned. After surveying 1,500 Canadian adults, the baking company found 47% want to try more interesting bagels but can’t find them at retailers. In addition, one in seven Canadians said they want to try new flavors with simple ingredients.

Dempster’s Signature Bagels are made without artificial flavors or colors. The four cheese variety includes cheddar, mozzarella, asiago and Parmesan, while the Parmesan garlic and herb bagels feature a blend of roasted garlic and parsley. The banana chocolate chip flavor is made with banana puree and topped with toasted oats.

Each bagel contains 7 to 9 grams of protein and 200 to 210 calories. The range contains five bagels per package and is available at Canadian retailers.

Dempster’s products are made at 12 sites across Canada. The brand’s portfolio includes bread, buns, rolls, tortillas and bagels.