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KANSAS CITY — More than ever, bakers and snack makers are getting serious about going green. From carbon-cutting initiatives and sustainable ingredient sourcing to rethinking packaging materials and energy management, the efforts companies can pursue are limitless.

Baking & Snack’s podcast Since Sliced Bread is taking a closer look at why companies are putting sustainability front and center and what it takes to create an effective program.

“The baking industry has been on the forefront of sustainable manufacturing, and with this season we wanted to explore why that is as well as celebrate the industry’s accomplishments,” said Charlotte Atchley, editor of Baking & Snack and host of Since Sliced Bread. “We hope that through these conversations other bakers and snack manufacturers will be inspired to take the next step — or maybe their first step — on their sustainability journey.”

In the season’s first episode, premiering Feb. 3, Ms. Atchley will speak to Jack Bobo, food futurist and chief executive officer of Futurity, a food foresight company that helps brands get ahead of trends. They will discuss what bakeries are overlooking when it comes to their environmental initiatives and how to communicate efforts to consumers.

“Companies have been on this journey for decades, and it’s actually only recently that consumers have sort of joined them on the sustainability journey,” Mr. Bobo said. “So sometimes it seems like the public is pushing companies, but the companies have actually been doing a lot. They just haven’t been communicating it to the public because it wasn’t a value they particularly cared about in the past.”

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