CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIF. — Blue Pacific Flavors has introduced Kilimanjaro Vanilla.

“The quality of Kilimanjaro Vanilla is unlike any vanilla in recent memory,” said Jessica Morton, sensory and consumer insights manager at Blue Pacific Flavors, City of Industry. “This vanilla is incredibly complex and full-bodied, from the first aromas of rich, creamy florals that excite your senses to the long, tapered finish of sweet caramel, spiced rum and pipe tobacco.”

Extracts from the Kilimanjaro Vanilla are produced in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

“Reflecting decades of dedication, partnership and innovation to bring true, sustainable vanilla back to the food and beverage industry, the Kilimanjaro Vanilla story is one of people, passion, pride and purpose,” said Donald Wilkes, president and chief executive officer of Blue Pacific Flavors. “We are making the highest-quality vanilla truly accessible to responsible brands as they strive to align with consumer demand for natural, clean label, sustainably produced products that also taste amazing.”

Blue Pacific Flavors and Natural Extracts Industries are partnering to install programs that will help improve qualify of life for farmers and drive sustainable agricultural practices. They will educate Tanzanian farmers on vanilla agriculture, promote fair trade wages and provide traceability. Based in Tanzania, Natural Extracts Industries provide sustainable, social, economic and environmental solutions to rural communities. Blue Pacific Flavors will donate 3% of net sales of Kilimanjaro Vanilla to the African Wildlife Foundation.