COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Novozymes has introduced Frontia GlutenEx to enable wheat processors to recover more wheat gluten protein from the same amount of raw materials.

“We developed Frontia GlutenEx to help wheat processors increase their gluten protein recovery and at the same time cut down on the energy consumption,” said Elisa Hjortkjaer, head of Grain Milling Business & Portfolio Unit for Novozymes. “The new enzyme enables them to improve their competitive edge by improving the margins in their process.”

According to Novozymes, demand for vital wheat gluten has increased 4.5% from 2000-19 and expected to continue rising. The company’s new enzyme focuses on improving the recovery of wheat gluten allowing vital wheat gluten producers to get more out of their wheat.

When used in the wheat flour separation process, Frontia GlutenEx increases the recovery of gluten protein by 2 percentage points and also reduces energy consumption. For a European plant with a capacity of 1,000 tons of flour (dry base) per day, this corresponds to up to €1 million per year of value left unrealized.

Frontia GlutenEx allows for the use of less energy consumption due to better dewatering effect of the enzyme.

Frontia GlutenEx is the newest addition to Novozymes’ Frontia platform, a range of enzymatic solutions to help grain millers improve their processes and business.     

“Frontia GlutenEx was developed to help vital wheat gluten producers do better business by use of biology,” Ms. Hjortkjaer said. “As such, the enzyme reduces viscosity during their process, which entails a better wheat flour separation and enables increased recovery of vital wheat gluten and other benefits. Furthermore, the plants do not need to invest or retrofit their process in order to use Frontia GlutenEx. They can simply replace their existing enzyme.”

Novozymes’ technical service will be available to share expertise and assist wheat processors that are interested in implementing the solution.

“In Novozymes we are dedicated to developing biological solutions that help our customers improve their processing to feed and fuel the world in more sustainable ways — and Frontia GlutenEx is a great example of how we help our customers achieve better business with biology,” Ms. Hjortkjaer said.