NEW YORK – Cristal 100% Natural bread range from Europastry is now available in the United States. The bread line is made from 100% natural ingredients and includes burger bun, bagel bun, sandwich roll and artisan sliced bread products.

Cristal 100% Natural bread is made with water, flour, sourdough and olive oil. The dough contains lactic sourdough and is highly hydrated, giving the bread a light texture and crunchy crust.

“The opportunity to have a new range of products on the market that is high quality, vegan, contains no added sugars, has a clean label and is retail-ready is exactly what we are detecting the market is asking for,” said Carolina More, marketing director, Europastry USA.

The burger bun, bagel bun and sandwich roll come in a four-count package and the artisan sliced bread comes in a six-count package.