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Opportunities exist throughout a bakery to improve the company’s carbon footprint, whether it’s quick changes or major capital projects. In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Margaret Ann Marsh, vice president of sustainability and environmental at Flowers Foods, Thomasville, Ga., explains how even the small changes have a big impact.

“We have 46 bakeries,” she said. “Small projects might seem minimal at some locations, but if you spread those projects out over 46 bakeries, it makes a big impact.”

These small projects she refers to are the low-hanging fruit of a sustainability plan: installing sensors to turn off idle equipment, upgrading lighting, eliminating compressed air inefficiencies. But the company also has put sustainability at the forefront as it makes decisions regarding major capital investments.

Hear about how Flowers Foods incorporates sustainable initiatives at every level and reaps not only environmental rewards but also business benefits.

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