Cargill expands its portfolio of SimPure starches with a new tapioca starch that helps with structure and moisture retention due to its combination of moderate process tolerance and key functionality. SimPure 99600 improves moistness and imparts a soft texture to finished baked goods. It has a neutral flavor profile so it doesn’t have a negative impact on the finished product quality.

“As we evaluate new starches, we’re careful to balance process tolerance and functional performance with other critical factors like sensory and consumer acceptance,” said Erin Radermacher, senior technical services specialist, Cargill. “Our new high-performing tapioca starches do it beautifully. Consumers will love how they label, and formulators will love all that they can do.”

This tapioca starch joins a line of other label-friendly SimPure starches sourced from potato and corn. The Non-GMO Project verified starch can appear on an ingredient list as “tapioca starch” and be used in a wide range of bakery applications, including cakes, muffins and gluten-free baked goods