Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) now offers a baked granola production line. The complete system includes mixing, dispensing and baking technologies. The RBS granola production line includes an AMF Batch Mixer, RBS Omega IV Dispenser with kibbler shafts and PRISM emithermic oven. The line offers the flexibility to incorporate a “granola buster” or topping conveyors after the oven and a guillotine cutter and slitter for bar applications.

“To properly bake granola, you need to have a gentle mixing procedure followed by a process to evenly spread the product across the oven band,” said Sam Pallottini, director of cookie, cracker and pet food sales, RBS. “The key is mixing the ingredients in a proper sequence with minimal work impeded into the product and then spread it across the oven band.”

The emithermic oven offers better control over the humidity and air flow, which is key to prevent granola from blowing off the oven band. The Thermatec ceiling produces a soft radiant heat that evenly bakes the full width of the oven band, eliminating burnt edges and product discoloration.