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When Kristy Lewis founded Quinn Snacks, her goal was to find a way to make microwave popcorn better. The first iteration of that idea was improving the product from an ingredient and packaging standpoint: eliminating artificial ingredients and adding a simple paper bag.

“Salty snacks are always going to be around, they are never going away,” Ms. Lewis said. “So we ask ourselves how can we challenge ourselves to do it better and who are we working with to accomplish those goals.”

As she learned more about the food system in the United States, however, she learned more about regenerative agriculture practices and the impact they could have on the planet. As a growing snack company, she decided to use her purchasing power to encourage growers to do better. Through its Do Better campaign, Quinn Snacks meets its supplier partners where they are and supports them as they make changes, big or small, to be more sustainable.

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to hear about Ms. Lewis’ journey to learn more about the food industry’s sustainability practices and how she has created a snack company with sustainability built in.

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