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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Energy Star Challenge can be a good starting point for baking companies looking to begin their energy reduction journey. To meet the challenge, bakeries must reduce their energy by 10% within five years. This differs from EPA’s Energy Star Certification, whichrequires companies prove they are among the most energy efficient bakeries in the United States for Energy Star Certification.

“The certification was an awful reach right away but the challenge looked more doable,” said Billy Delaney, corporate compliance manager at New Horizons Baking Co. “The way I put it, the energy Star Challenge was like graduating from high school to prepare you for the certification.”

In 2017, Mr. Delaney joined New Horizons, which produces baked goods for McDonald’s, Starbucks and Tyson Foods, with a directive to bring the company’s existing sustainability efforts together and complete the Energy Star Challenge.

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