When adding functional ingredients like protein, it’s important to remember the why behind the reformulation. This understanding can influence protein choices and strategies.

“It’s always good to consider your why,” said Jeff Hodges, bakery scientist, ADM. “Are you adding protein because you want to fit in with a certain lifestyle choice or diet? Do you want to reduce gluten? Do you want to call out a specific ingredient? Are you wanting to avoid certain ingredients?”

The answers to these questions will help formulators know how much protein to add, what type of protein sources to pursue and what other functional ingredients might be available to curb any negative impacts from added protein. Bakers pursuing a clean label will be limited in what ingredients they can use to mask off flavors or curb absorption issues. When trying to reach a claim, the amount of protein being added could require blending protein sources.

“If product developers want to make a protein claim, for example, then a protein’s digestibility-corrected amino acid score is especially important,” said Tim Christensen, certified master baker, Cargill.

If bakers are going after a total protein increase, however, cost might come into play more, and he might suggest wheat protein isolate for the savings.

Remembering the why can help formulators stay focused on the products’ needs and the end goal, leading to reformulating success.

This article is an excerpt from the February 2021 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on protein, click here.