ARLINGTON, VA. — The North American Millers’ Association unveiled a new logo on March 1 as part of a rebrand effort.

It is the first time NAMA’s logo has been changed since the organization was formed in 1998. The new logo features a green and yellow stalk and the organization’s tagline: “The Link Between Grain and Goodness.”

“NAMA’s new identity emphasizes who our members are and what they do every day with a look and feel that reflects how milling is an essential link in modern food production,” said Jane DeMarchi, president of NAMA. DeMarchi was named to the position last August, replacing Jim McCarthy.

NAMA, whose members operate wheat, corn, oat and rye mills in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, representing more than 90% of total industry production capacity, is also redesigning its website and plans to unveil it later this month.

Ms. DeMarchi said the new website will “better serve our members and the industry.”

“We want to make sure information is easily accessible to our members and others who turn to NAMA for resources, from members of Congress, and their staffs and regulators, to domestic and international customers for our members,” she said.

Ms. DeMarchi noted that the website will also “help direct consumers to our partner organizations that are primarily focused on communicating with them.”

Improving the association’s internal and external communications was one of the top priorities for Ms. DeMarchi, who was NAMA’s director of government relations from 2004-10. During the past decade, she held similar positions with the National Association of Wheat Growers and the American Seed Trade Association.

Ms. DeMarchi said part of NAMA’s strategy is trying to communicate more frequently with members using different mediums.

“As an example, we are hosting monthly meetings for all of our members so they can hear the latest news from Washington and about what NAMA is working on,” she said. “After the meetings we send out a summary in case they want to share it internally or weren’t able to attend.

“I’ve also been communicating regularly with the board on issues like access to vaccines.”

Ultimately, the hope is that the improved communication will lead to an increase in member engagement and new members, Ms. DeMarchi said.

“We have been pleased to add a few new associate members in fiscal year 2021, including BASF and Great Western Manufacturing,” she said. “Later this year, I hope to embark on a strategic planning effort that will further identify the value we can bring to millers of different types of grain.”