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Sustainable packaging can only be as effective as the recycling system in place to process it. And the current systems in the United States have fallen short.

In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Meghan Stasz, vice president of packaging and sustainability for the Consumer Brands Association, shares how recycling and sustainable packaging are tied together, and what the CPG industry can do to affect lasting change.

“We know that the vast majority of companies are looking at their packaging portfolios and making commitments around making their packaging better for the environment,” she said. “But what’s really lacking is a critical underpinning, the foundation of the pyramid which is our recycling system. Right now, we don’t have an effective, efficient recycling system around the US, especially when it comes to packaging.”

With tens of thousands of municipalities dictating their own recycling standards, consumers and CPG companies alike are confused about what is recyclable and what isn’t. By strengthening this system, companies can gain clarity and move forward with sustainable packaging initiatives that work.

Listen to the latest episode of Since Sliced Bread to find out how.

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