SEATTLE — Dennis Brockman has been named senior vice president and global chief inclusion and diversity officer at Starbucks Corp. He succeeds Nzinga Shaw, who left the company in December.

Mr. Brockman joined Starbucks in 2011 as a regional director of operations and most recently was Midwest regional vice president. He served as interim chief I&D officer following Ms. Shaw’s departure last year. Prior to joining Starbucks, he was vice president of operations at Aramark and a district manager at The Wendy’s Co.

In his new role, Mr. Brockman will be responsible for leading the company’s overall global I&D strategy, developing I&D ambassadors throughout the organization globally, fostering mentorship and other professional development programs and operationalizing I&D within Starbucks’ US business. He will oversee efforts to meet the company’s new I&D goals, which include achieving a 30% BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) workforce by 2025, linking executive compensation to diversity goals and disclosing data on the diversity of its workforce.

“[Dennis] has an unparalleled understanding of Starbucks culture, a deep connection to our partners and a vision for advancing inclusion, diversity and equity throughout our company at all levels,” said Kevin Johnson, chief executive officer at Starbucks.