MALMÖ, SWEEDEN — AAK will use high-resolution satellite data to monitor its global supply base for palm oil with greater accuracy and in real time, making it possible to detect signs of deforestation earlier, the Malm-based company said March 11. AAK is partnering with sustainability technology companies Earthqualizer and Satelligence, which provide the satellite data.

AAK wants to source only palm oil that is verified deforestation-free by 2025, said Johan Westman, president and chief executive officer of AAK.

Earthqualizer deploys a risk management tool that screens and monitors compliance with NDPE (no deforestation, no peat, no exploitation) policies among palm oil refineries, mills and plantations. Building on artificial intelligence, satellite technology and supply chain data, Satelligence provides daily insights into the global performance of agricultural production and supply chain risks. Satelligence maps and monitors forests, planted palm area, deforestation and fire impact.

“With insights from satellite monitoring and compliance data from risk assessments, we are able to more quickly identify risks of deforestation and conversion of peatlands so that we can engage with suppliers to take appropriate actions leading to measurable progress toward our commitments,” said Anne Mette Olesen, chief strategy and sustainability officer for AAK. “The two systems cover our global supply base for palm, and we are already seeing the benefits of our monitoring activities.”