YAKIMA, WASH. — Kimberly Paxton-Hagner was elected board chair for Kwik Lok Corp. Kwik Lok was founded by Ms. Paxton-Hagner’s grandfather, Floyd Paxton. Ms. Paxton-Hagner and her sisters — Melissa Steiner and Stephanie Jackson — represent the third generation to own the company.

Ms. Paxton-Hagner succeeds John Rothenbueler as chairperson upon his retirement. Mr. Rothenbueler guided the company through the transition from the second to the third generation of ownership.

“When our father died, John helped our family and employees to navigate the transition of the company,” Ms. Jackson said. “His leadership and professional skill made it possible for us to maintain the day-to-day operations during a very tumultuous and emotional time and has positioned the company for future success. My sisters and I are grateful to John and wish him the best as he begins his well-earned retirement.”

As co-owner, Ms. Paxton-Hagner will step in as the company is looking to address new challenges in the packaging industry. One of Kwik Lok’s major focus is sustainability. Kwik Lok has been developing products to help customers lower greenhouse gas emissions and use less petroleum-based plastics while also maintaining the packaging’s safety and freshness.

Kwik Lok incorporates the family’s values of doing well by doing good through its corporate social responsibility work. This work encompasses supporting employees’ engagement, education and well-being; protecting resources of people, places and planet, and fostering innovation.

“My sisters and I are proud of the progress our company has made and we are optimistic about the opportunities that lay ahead,” Ms. Paxton-Hagner said. “I am thrilled and honored to work with my sisters as we continue the work of our grandfather and father. We feel privileged to work with some of the finest people in the world.”

Kwik Lok was founded in 1954. The company produces bag closured for baking and produce industries and the machinery for customers to print and apply closures.