Pro Tip: A maintenance checklist can ensure setscrews stay in their proper position to prevent costly downtime.

In your bakery, 99% of everything that rotates on the production floor is held in place by some type of fastener, the most popular of which is the setscrew.

No preventive maintenance routine can be complete unless these simple components are checked and managed properly.

Once a setscrew is allowed to run loose the fitment will become worn, thus tightening the setscrews creates a “camshaft” affect which promotes vibration and ultimately additional loosening and thus other component failures.

Here is a Pro Tip checklist for mastering the setscrew.

#1 – Check setscrew tightness monthly.

#2 – Replace repeating loose setscrews.

#3 - Only use knurled setscrews.

#4 - Practice proper torquing techniques.

#5 – Replace components that have loose fitment.

#6 – Considered switching to QD or Taper-lock bushings and bearings with self-centering locking collars.

#7 – Never use locking adhesives on setscrews because they can feel tight when they really are not.

In the end, remember: Having a screw loose will only drive your maintenance crew crazy. 

Rowdy Brixey is founder and president of Brixey Engineering.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.