As consumers become more concerned with healthy food, clean labels and plant-based ingredients, AAK USA has developed a line of specialty lecithin emulsifiers to help bakers meet those consumer demands. Akolec is a new line of lecithin-based emulsifier solutions made from sunflower oil and soybean oil. The ingredients are available in several different claims including organic and non-GMO.

“Natural lecithin plays a vital role in ingredient system success, as it provides nutrition along with essential functionality that manufacturers need as they simplify formulations,” said Ryan Branch, senior marketing manager, AAK. “The Akolec line of products offer an ideal solution as they improve overall product performance with benefits such as aiding even distribution of ingredients, stability and enhanced structure.”

Akolec helps bakers achieve better-for-you claims while also providing functional benefits such as natural emulsifying, smooth texture, homogenization and longer shelf life. The ingredients are available in liquid, powder and fractionated forms with the ability to create custom solutions.

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