Nature’s Bakery, Reno, Nev., is calling all snack lovers to its new soft-baked snacks. Baked-Ins are the brand’s first organic baked snack bar containing real fruits and vegetables.

“There’s something about classic baked goods that provide us with a sense of comfort. When developing Baked-Ins, we wanted to make sure we packed in nature’s greatest ingredients in every bite without compromising the familiar tastes we crave,” said Pilar Arellano, marketing director at Nature’s Bakery.
The product was developed from Nature’s Bakery’s desire to find a snack that tastes great and is made with better-for-you ingredients. The biggest inspiration for the flavors was the common love for banana bread and chocolate.

“As a parent I am always searching for new snacks that both my kids and I will love and that are also made with great ingredients. We wanted [Baked-Ins] to have an extra boost of better ingredients that parents could feel good about and that kids would love as well,” Ms. Arellano said. 

Like all of Nature’s Bakery snacks, Baked-Ins are plant-based, Non-GMO Project verified, made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and are nut-free, dairy-free and soy free.

Baked-Ins are available in two varieties, Banana Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Oat. Both flavors offer 3 grams of fiber and 9 grams of whole grains. At their core, Baked-Ins are taking on classic foods like banana bread and tapping into home baking by using apple or other fruit purees instead of adding more sugar to baked recipes. 

“Our team worked hard to include fruits and veggies to give it that boost of better-for-you ingredients you can feel good about without sacrificing taste,” Ms. Arellano said. “Baked-Ins have apple and banana puree, and sweet potato, beet, kale and carrots in every bite.”

Founded in 2011, Nature’s Bakery focuses on creating wholesome snacks made with clean label ingredients. In addition to Baked-Ins, the company’s product portfolio includes whole wheat fig bars, gluten-free fig bars, oatmeal crumble bars and double chocolate brownies. All of these soft-baked snacks are plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and Non-GMO Project verified. The company is owned by KIND and is a member of the Mars family of brands. 

Baked-Ins are sold in cartons of six bars each and are sold at a suggested retail price of $4.49. They can be found online, at Amazon, Target and Publix, and will be hitting shelves at Walmart and Whole Foods this summer.