ANKENY, IOWA — PepsiCo, Inc. and Ingredion, Inc. have entered a partnership to help farmers adopt conservation practices that generate carbon reductions and water quality improvements, the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund announced April 21. The partnership will encompass a target of 20,000 acres of cropland in northern Illinois.

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund provides financial incentives to farmers who transition to conservation practices, including no-till and cover crops. The farmers then sell product to public and private beneficiaries, including corporations like PepsiCo and Ingredion.

“Ingredion is committed to making a meaningful difference as we work to make life better, so it is fitting that we focus our sustainability initiatives on practices that make a positive impact on the world,” said Andy Utterback, senior manager of sustainability at Ingredion, Westchester, Ill. “By collaborating with our customers and stakeholders, Ingredion can assist growers in adopting regenerative agriculture practices that increase the resiliency of their operations and ensure the stability of our agricultural supply chain.”

PepsiCo, Purchase, NY, recently set a goal of spreading the adoption of regenerative farming practices across more than 7 million acres by 2030.

“PepsiCo recognizes that nature provides enormous opportunities to strengthen our supply chain and the resilience of the farmers we touch,” said Margaret Henry, director of sustainable agriculture at PepsiCo. “By aiding their transition to regenerative agriculture through this partnership we are investing in the farmers’ future profitability, while working to ensure a steady supply of ingredients for PepsiCo’s products and helping to meet our climate goals.”

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund is a partnership between AgOutcomes, which is a subsidiary of the Iowa Soybean Association, and ReHarvest Partners, which is a subsidiary of Quantified Ventures.