Pro Tip: Do not expect what you do not inspect, because you’ll always get what you allowed.


The absolute best thing you can do to ensure important tasks get completed properly is to inspect the quality of the work performed. Reviewing work performed by your team is a great way to coach up your associates and establish what you care about, ultimately their success and yours.

In today’s manufacturing you cannot afford to wait and “see” if things were done right. “Hope” is not an acceptable plan for any department that’s paid for “results.”

Poor key performance indicators (KPIs) are the result of tasks not performed or not performed correctly.

Remember the acronym “GOAL,” which is “Get Out And Look.”  I have proven to myself over the past 40 years that my flashlight and constructive conversations regarding expectations can be transformational to any team … maintenance, sanitation, production, doesn’t matter.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a GOAL for 2021 and you’ll begin to reap immediate results.

Remember these two things:  If you do not inspect to ensure what you expect, you will surely get what you allowed.