With its EyePro System and Sightline Process Control brands, KPM Analytics offers a line of vision inspection technology and vision-based process control systems for bakers and snack producers. With 100% in-line inspection capability and automatic defect removal, users can increase productivity, reduce production costs and improve product quality.

“The EyePro and Sightline product lines deliver value by leveraging leading technologies, applying deep application and measurement algorithm know-how and working with food producers on full integration into new and existing production lines,” said Steve Greer, vice president, strategic marketing, KPM Analytics.

KPM’s systems can be implemented for applications such as tortillas, buns, breads, cookies, crackers and pizza crust. Image recognition technology performs advanced characterization in ways that are more difficult with traditional manual methods, while system software simplifies the inspection process, from product set-up and real-time inspection to process monitoring and quality analytics.

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