With society opening up as vaccinations increase, mobility has reemerged. Many Americans say they want to get out and have fun, but surveys show that’s not the case for going back to the office. Many of those who work at home some or all days of the week believe they will continue to do so as they have been, noted a recent COVID-19 Impact report by the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association.

If such a hybrid environment comes to fruition, bakers and snack makers will need to remain nimble to adjust to market shifts for various packaging sizes. That’s because convenience takes on different forms for when consumers are out and about versus when they’re staying close to home.

“Convenience is about being on the go,” said Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight, Mintel, during a recent SNAC International webinar. “But it’s also about resealability. If you have a nice big bag, you have to be able to reclose it properly so that you can come back later in the day again and again.”

How can you track potential shifts using IRI scanning data? Look at the spread between volume sales and unit sales. In the center store, increases in volume with a decline in units could mean more larger packs are being sold, and vice versa. Also, keep a close eye on convenience stores that tend to sell more grab-and-go items. Companies need to be agile to adjust to the constant shifts in today’s retail market.