As bakers try to manage flour quality changes season to season, they often must rely on vital wheat gluten for product consistency. Corbion’s latest additions to its Pristine portfolio — Pristine 100 G and Pristine 2200 — help bakers rely less on added gluten. 

“Bakers build their brands on delivering consistent, predictable product quality,” said Kathy Sargent, director of global market strategy at Corbion. “With wheat protein content varying so much by crop year, they’ve been forced to put up with the added cost and inconvenience of supplementing with vital wheat gluten in order to achieve consistency. We developed Pristine 100 G so they don’t have to do that anymore.”

Pristine 100 G is a drop-in system that works with the existing dough conditioning system in a formulation. With this ingredient, bakers can reduce or eliminate vital wheat gluten without an impact on gas retention, volume or oven spring. Bakers can also see improved consistency in mix time and dough absorption.

Pristine 2200 replaces the dough conditioning system while also improving dough quality and performance regardless of the wheat protein content.   

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