LENEXA, KAN. — Hostess Brands, Inc. in June is launching the “Live Your Mostess” integrated national advertising campaign, the first national campaign for the Hostess brand in nearly a decade. The campaign will focus on products like Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding Dongs, HoHos, Donettes and Coffee Cakes.

Nationally and regionally focused marketing tactics will target three consumer audiences.

“Consumers’ media consumption habits continue to evolve, particularly so in the past year and a half,” said Lisa Mathison, director of brand activation for Hostess Brands, LLC. “Consumers are much more comfortable browsing and shopping for food online in e-commerce environments and engaging with video across a variety of platforms, including streaming and social. We’ve designed this campaign with those consumer behaviors in mind.”

A tongue-in-cheek “how-to” digital content series will launch across online, social and TV channels. The series will feature two video commercials with Twinkies and Donettes.

“This campaign celebrates our passionate consumers as they find moments of joy with beloved Hostess brands every day,” said Andy Callahan, president and chief executive officer of Hostess Brands. “If there’s one thing our brand and consumers know, it’s joy, and this campaign is a celebration of that. Hostess has always stood for lighthearted spontaneity. Our snacks are irresistible and delicious, and even our product names embody a sense of fun and delight.”

The campaign comes as Hostess continues to put up rising sales, an increase that began at the onset of COVID-19. Sales of Hostess-branded products grew more than 10% in the first quarter ended March 31 of this year when compared to the previous year’s first quarter.