NANTES, FRANCE — Linxis Group along with its key financial partner, IK Investment Partners, announced the acquisition of Bakon, a specialist in food processing and bakery equipment, from its managers and current investor Rabo Investments, a Rabobank investment franchise.

Bakon, a Dutch company, complements the “portion process” division of Linxis that includes Unifiller Systems and enhances the division’s expertise in depositing, ultrasonic cutting and spraying processes, according to Linxis.

Additionally, Linxis stated Bakon’s experience in managing industrial line projects will enable Linxis Group and its companies to address larger markets, both in terms of activities and geography.

Didier Soumet, chief executive officer of Linxis Group, said the Bakon acquisition is the third one following investment from IK Investment Partners, a pan-European private equity firm.

“We pursue our strategy of adding to our existing portfolio, companies and brands with deep knowledge and complementary technologies, in order to continuously develop solutions that closely meet the needs of our markets,” Mr. Soumet said.

Tim Cook, Linxis Group vice president and CEO of Shick Esteve, added that Bakon will provide a stronger presence in various strategic geographic areas.

“The sharing of best practice and processes amongst all the Linxis companies will leverage the added value of our global solutions,” he explained.

Linxis Group, a leader in specialized equipment for the food and health industries, is the parent company of Diosna, Shick Esteve, Unifiller and VMI, which focus on ingredient automation, pre-dough systems, mixing and depositing technologies to the baking and snack industries.