NEW YORK — Feel Good Foods has unveiled plans to enter the pizza category with the launch of a new Detroit-style Square Pan Pizza. The new gluten-free Detroit-style frozen pizza comes in a baking tray and is available in three varieties: Margherita, Truffle Mushroom and Four Cheese.

Feel Good Foods said the pizza is different from other gluten-free frozen pizzas on the market in that it features a thick crust and square shape, which compares with the round shape and thin crust of other gluten-free frozen pizzas.

“Pizza was one of the meals I missed most when I was diagnosed with celiac, and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce our gluten-free version of my favorite Detroit-style pizza to consumers,” said Vanessa Phillips, co-founder and chief executive officer of Feel Good Foods. “As a brand, I feel our debut in the pizza category brings such added depth to our product offerings and opens so many doors and possibilities. It has and always will be a mission of mine to make favorite gluten-free comfort foods available in as many categories as possible so those on restricted diets can still indulge.”

The frozen pizza is available for approximately $10 at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

In addition to frozen pizza, Feel Good Foods’ portfolio includes snack bites, egg rolls, potstickers, mac and cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, empanadas, mini pierogies and breakfast pockets.