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Aunt Millie’s, Ft. Wayne, Ind., has been baking bread for 120 years, but being so established hasn’t kept the company from being innovative. The company’s focus on a staple category — bread and buns — is an opportunity to be even more creative. 

“When you talk about conventional breads, we as bakers have been given a tremendous platform upon which to build,” said Rick Brown, chief customer officer of Aunt Millie’s. “Just looking at white and wheat bread, we’ve been given a tremendous canvas to play with as far as innovation is concerned.”

In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Mr. Brown and Bohn Popp, executive vice president of quality and brand strategy at Aunt Millie’s, explain how and why the company has made innovation such an integral part of the business.

“One thing we’ve done at Aunt Millie’s in the past few years is we’ve been very intentional about this process, and it is something you have to make time for,” Mr. Popp said.

Listen to this episode to find out what that process is and how this established baking company is keeping bread relevant with new products.

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