AMSTERDAM — Corbion is teaming up with Truterra LLC, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes to support Corbion’s soybean farmers in adopting sustainable agriculture practices.

With the help of Truterra’s local partner, Central Valley Ag (CVA), farmers in Corbion’s US soybean supply shed will be able to collect crop production data. Using Truterra’s digital sustainability data platform, the Truterra Insights Engine, farmers will use the data to establish a sustainability baseline for each field, identify improvement opportunities and model the impact of various conservation practices for specific portions of their land.

The Truterra Insights Engine creates a framework for continuous improvements that helps protect natural resources, enhances profitability for farmers and creates a more sustainable supply chain. It also tracks, aggregates, and reports on environmental impact over time, including greenhouse gas emissions, yield, and soil health.

“We are very proud to partner with Truterra and CVA to promote sustainable agriculture practices in our supply chain,” said Olivier Riguard, chief executive officer, Corbion. “Our collaboration is founded on a shared understanding that the health of our planet, our people and our businesses are absolutely intertwined.”

Corbion supports its own sustainability initiatives by ensuring regenerative agriculture practices are integral to its responsible sourcing strategy.

“It’s great to see Corbion make a commitment like this as it sends a very clear signal to the marketplace,” said Jason Weller, vice president, Truterra.