There are a lot of digital tools bakers used to safely train their employees during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In some cases, these digital forms may be more effective and efficient at communicating certain information. Live or pre-recorded virtual training sessions can stand in for in-person classroom training and refresher courses. Videos can present foundational knowledge to new employees.

AbiMar Foods, Abilene, Texas, filmed its own videos to help train employees on the basics. Those videos can now play on a loop in the breakrooms or be accessed on employee phones, computers and tablets for reference. Without the ability to do in-person training at the beginning of the pandemic, the company also relied on the American Bakers Association’s Bakers Manufacturing Academy. This online training provides a range of courses that span different knowledge and experience levels.

To ensure online training is successful, however, it’s important that baking companies have the right tools in place like tablets, computers and workstations as well as a strong internet connection to facilitate that training.

“I would encourage in-person training to connect with people, but remote training is an option that won’t completely be off the table,” said Cari Rasmussen, food safety specialist, Commercial Food Sanitation. “This year has showed us that we can use technology to our advantage, and it’s really pushed us to use technology and advance plans we had for the future of training.” 

This article is an excerpt from the June 2021 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on Training, click here.