WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. – ASR Group has launched cane molasses and sugar cane distillates in a powder format. The distillates affect the way consumers interpret taste. They minimize undesirable flavors and enhance the natural essence of foods, according to the company. Potential applications include baked foods, snacks, confectionery items, beverages, sauces and dairy items.

The sugar cane distillate powder modulates bitterness at 0.05% usage. The ingredient, which contains five bitterness blockers, loosely binds to the bitterness receptors in the taste buds to block the perception of the unpleasant sensation. The cane molasses distillate powder increases the sweetness perception at usage of 65 parts per million (ppm). The ingredient, which contains five sweet aroma compounds, provides flavor modulation attributes. Brown sugar notes within the powder accomplish a “sweet” aroma, helping to enhance sweetness perceptions up to 2% sugar equivalency (SE) in certain applications.

“Our sensory analysis and quality testing demonstrate that powder distillates perform better than the liquid counterparts,” said Cesar Contreras, business development manager for ASR Group, West Palm Beach. “These materials have a higher concentration of functional components; they require a much lower usage level; they have a longer shelf life and no need for refrigeration.”