To meet the growing shortage of vital wheat gluten, BreadPartners has developed a vital wheat gluten replacement that is easy to use, label-friendly and cost-effective. BP Gluten Replacers can completely replace vital wheat gluten up to 2% on flour weight and up to 50% of vital wheat gluten in applications more than 2% on flour weight.

“We felt first-hand the effects of the vital wheat gluten shortage,” said Mike Robinson, senior marketing and sales manager. “Like bakeries, ingredient manufacturers routinely use vital wheat gluten as a common ingredient in mixes, bases and dough improvers.  However, with sky-rocketing prices and limited availability, we had to adapt. Utilizing the latest in enzymatic technology we first developed our gluten replacer to either replace or reduce our dependance on vital wheat gluten in select BreadPartners products. The results were impressive.” 

BP Gluten Replacers strengthen whole wheat flours and flours with lower protein. It can be used as a 1:1 replacement for vital wheat gluten with minimal adjustments to process or hydration, and doesn’t require any ingredient statement changes as it consists of wheat flour and enzymes. The ingredient is suitable for all types of yeast-raised doughs, but works especially well in Kaiser rolls, bagels, pan breads, whole wheat and high fiber breads.

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