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After years of working at large CPG companies, Linsey Herman, vice president of product development at Factory LLC, Bethlehem, Pa., is supporting startup brands as they scale up their big ideas. She’s had a front row seat to how Factory’s snack partners — Honey Stinger, Pipcorn and Stuffed Puffs — innovate.

“Working in an entrepreneurial environment, someone can get an idea and the next thing you know in a month there’s a product that’s been tested, scaled and ready to be sold,” she said.

As an investment company, Factory provides resources to the brands they see as promising disruptors to make it in the marketplace. While new product ideas may come about more organically to these emerging brands, it takes some structured support to help them succeed.

“You can make the most delicious product, and everyone who eats it falls in love,” Ms. Herman explained. “You assume that if you put this on a shelf, it’s going to fly off because it’s so good. But if you don’t have the support of your retailer, the marketing dollars, the promotion, the right team behind it — it’s going to languish.”

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