When golfers struggle with their game, what do they do? They reach out to their local golf professional to provide them with pro tips to cure that slice, get a grip on the yips or learn how to read a green to improve their score.

For bakers and snack makers looking to up their game, Baking & Snack reached out to several pros in the industry to provide advice on production, engineering and maintenance to product development, formulation and even ingredient technology.

Rowdy Brixey, president of Brixey Engineering Inc., is leveraging his 30-plus years in the industry to provide pro tips on everything from mastering the set screw to prevent costly downtime to ensuring your equipment performs up to your expectations. The short, easy-to-remember tips provide actionable advice that can improve a bakery’s efficiency and its bottom line in the short and long run.

In addition, Lin Carson, PhD, founder and chief executive officer of BAKERpedia, shares her professional expertise on clean label, dough processing and formulation.

Harrison Helmick, a PhD candidate at Purdue University, takes ingredient technology to a whole new level while experts from AIB International tackle such everyday issues as dealing with supply chain interruptions to preparing for sesame allergen labeling that’s coming in the near future.

Solving everyday problems in the baking industry shouldn’t be difficult. Sometimes it’s as easy as getting a simple “pro tip” to take a bakery’s performance to the next level. Check out our entire Pro Tips collection at https://www.bakingbusiness.com/articles/topic/2927-technical-experts.