MARION, OHIO — This week, Marion Technical College (MTC) opened the doors to its Connections Center, sponsored by Wyandot Snacks. This new space will provide students of the technical college with resources and assistance in dealing with stresses outside the classroom.

“Many of our students find the biggest barriers to graduation outside the classroom,” said Ryan McCall, PhD, president of Marion Tech. “The new Connections Center provides a one-stop pathway to find help overcoming obstacles with childcare, transportation and food insecurity.”

Students can turn to the Connections Center for assistance with employment, housing, childcare and referrals to community resources. Full-time and part-time students will also be able to access counseling services through the Student Assistance Program. In addition, there will be a food pantry available.

“We are excited to help MTC students achieve the skills and training necessary to build meaningful careers,” said Robert Sarlls, president and chief executive officer of Wyandot Snacks. “Ensuring their success not only requires access to important life services the center provides but also the proper nourishment to get them through each day. Hunger is not an option. We are proud to play a role in MTC’s effort.”

This commitment falls in line with Wyandot’s B Corp certification and its mission to take a stance against hunger.

In addition to Wyandot’s sponsorship of the center, Marion Tech also received funding from the Rotary Club of Marion, OhioHealth and funding through a Title III grant from the US Department of Education.