DALLAS — Middleby Bakery Group will host the baking industry at its first-ever Middleby Bakery Expo, held Oct. 19-21, at its innovation center in Dallas. The expo will feature speakers, tabletops and live demonstrations.

Attendees will hear speakers on the most pertinent challenges facing the industry today, such as workforce trends, food safety and modernization, and the movement away from fossil fuels. The expo will also feature conversations on bakery trends, the needs of the foodservice industry, clean label and sanitation.

An added dimension of the expo will be the opportunity for live demonstrations of a variety of brands represented including Glimek, Stewart Systems, Auto-Bake, Sveba Dahlen, Powerhouse Dynamics, Baker Thermal Solutions, Spooner Vicars and Shaffer/Escher.

The Bakery Expo will also give attendees the opportunity to network at the tabletops and Burford Suite activities in the evening.

To register for the Middleby Bakery Expo, visit the website.