WASHINGTON – The US Department of Agriculture on Sept. 30, in its quarterly Grain Stocks report, estimated stocks of wheat held in all positions in the United States on Sept. 1, 2021, at 1,779,938 million bus, down 377,887,000 bus, or 18%, from 2,157,825,000 bus a year ago.  Of the Sept. 1 total, 419,190,000 bus, or 24%, was stored on farms with the remainder in commercial storage. Wheat disappearance in June-August, the first quarter of the 2021-22 crop year for wheat, totaled 711,065,000 bus, up 14,786,000 bus, or 2%, from 696,279,000 in the first quarter of 2020-21.

The average of pre-report trade estimates for the all-wheat Sept. 1 inventory was 1,852 million bus.

The largest Sept. 1 regional wheat inventory was held in the hard red winter wheat states of the Southwest, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Nebraska. Southwest wheat stocks totaled 741,836,000 bus, down 16,501,000 bus, or 2%, from 758,337,000 bus a year ago.  Wheat stocks held on farms in the region was estimated at 74,500,000 bus, or 10% of the Southwest inventory. Wheat disappearance in the Southwest in the first quarter totaled 309,882,000 bus, up 98,904,000 bus, or 47%, from 210,978,000 bus in June-August 2020.

The second-largest regional wheat inventory on Sept. 1. was held in the spring wheat states of the Upper Midwest, including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. The Upper Midwest inventory totaled 438,293,000 bus, down 272,144,000 bus, or 38%, from 710,437,000 bus on Sept. 1, 2020. Fifty-three percent of the Upper Midwest stocks, or 231,500,000 bus, was stored on farms. The huge on-farm inventory in the region accounted for 55% of all wheat stocks held on farms across the United States on Sept. 1. Wheat disappearance in the Upper Midwest in June-August totaled 208,937,000 bus, down 77,666,000 bus, or 27%, from 286,603,000 bus in the same span a year ago.

The Sept. 1 wheat inventory in the key soft red winter wheat region of the Central states — Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan — was estimated at 205,928,000 bus, up 32,616,000 bus, or 19%, from 173,312,000 bus a year ago. On-farm wheat holdings totaled 25,300,000 bus, or 12% of the region’s inventory. Wheat use in the Central states in June-August totaled 45,016,000 bus, down 5,535,000 bus, or 11%, from 50,551,000 bus in the first quarter of 2020-21.

Wheat stocks held in storage in the soft white winter wheat states of the Pacific Northwest — Idaho, Washington and Oregon — on Sept. 1 totaled 202,179,000 bus, down 135,066,000 bus, or 40%, from 337,245,000 bus a year ago. On-farm stocks in the region were estimated at 45,200,000 bus, or 24% of the region’s total inventory. Wheat disappearance in the Pacific Northwest in the first quarter of 2021-22 totaled 65,887,000 bus, down 23,076,000 bus, or 26%, from 88,963,000 bus in June-August 2020.

Durum wheat held in all positions on Sept. 21 totaled 46,908,000 bus, down 24,109,000 bus, or 34%, from 71,017,000 bus a year ago. Of the nation’s Sept. 1 durum inventory, 21,000,000 bus, or 45% of the total, was held on farms. June-August use of durum was estimated at 17,717,000 bus, down 22,004,000 bus, or 55%, from 39,721,000 bus in the same months in 2020.

Sept. 1 old crop corn stocks were estimated at 1,236,481,000 bus, down 682,981,000 bus, or 36%, from 1,919,462,000 bus a year ago.

Sept. 1 old crop soybean stocks were estimated at 256,179,000 bus, down 268,362,000 bus, or 51%, from 524,541,000 bus a year ago.

For both corn and soybeans, the Sept. 1 inventories comprised the 2021-22 carry-in supply.