ADM offers a dietary soluble corn fiber that helps increase total soluble fiber in baked goods without affecting aroma, flavor or texture. It requires minimal formulation and process adjustments. It can also be used in reduced-sugar recipes to build back lost functionality and help lessen sugar content. It is made with US-grown corn, with a non-GMO option available. Ingredient declaration is soluble corn fiber or soluble vegetable fiber (corn).

“Our soluble corn fiber is available in both dry and liquid formats,” said Olivia Rhode, global snacks lead, ADM. “Bakers can use our unique fiber ingredient in the same way they would standard sugar, honey or syrups.

“Off notes and abnormal texture are two sensory attributes often associated with added fiber in baked goods, which are compensated for by adding masking flavors or mouthfeel enhancers to a formulation,” Ms. Rhode said. “Our soluble dietary fiber, however, improves mouthfeel and masks off notes on its own. It’s neutral in flavor and color and is also water soluble with excellent clarity.”

Soluble corn fiber can also be used to reduce sugar in baked goods without negatively impacting structure. This is something that often happens when sugar is reduced, as sugar is important for bulking and binding in baked goods, and this functionality can be lost if sugar is removed.

“Our fiber ingredient is a great solve for this challenge, as it builds back structural integrity in 30% to 50% reduced-sugar formulations,” Ms. Rhode said. “On top of that, it brings down sugar content and reduces calories, delivering purposeful, indulgent options to health-conscious consumers.”

This article is an excerpt from the September 2021 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on Fiber, click here.