PASADENA, CALIF. – Pak Group, though its North American brand Bellarise, has launched Bellarise oil reducer, an enzyme-based dough improver that has been shown to reduce oil costs in a range of breads, including pan breads, hamburger buns and yeast-raised donuts.

“Cut costs by 15% to 30% and reduce oil use in your breads by up to 50%, or more, depending on your formula,” said Alex Peña, director of product development and technical services for Bellarise. “Maintain or enhance your breads’ texture and overall quality. Retain or add a clean label, kosher or non-GMO claim to your packaging. To top it all off, our all-natural Bellarise oil reducer may also be customized for use in organic recipes.”

Oil prices have surged and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, Mr. Peña said.

“Consequently, industrial and commercial bakeries are doing their best to keep their breads’ retail prices under control while continuing to bake top-quality products,” he said. “After bringing all our resources together and drawing from our experience crafting custom enzyme-based solutions, we developed the answer: Bellarise oil reducer.”