The Spider 100v loading solution from BluePrint Automation replaces traditional collate and load systems, eliminating race-track collation and potential jam points. Increasing line efficiency, the Spider 100v picks random, unoriented product, thereby eliminating the need to perfectly orient the product prior to entering the packer. The integrated vision system provides built-in product inspection, which can detect double wraps, bad product size and more.

“With single pick rates of up to 120 ppm, the Spider 100v offers snack and bakery manufacturers higher speeds and the flexibility to pack various products and patterns on the same line,” said Robbie Quinlin, marketing manager, BluePrint Automation. “Many plants are faced with space constraints. But with the Spider 100v you don’t have to orient the product prior to packing, which means the amount of floor space needed is significantly reduced.”

The Spider 100v handles trays, cartons, cases and other secondary containers, and can include a u-board divider providing flexibility to the processor and copacker.

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