PURCHASE, NY. – PepsiCo, Inc. is creating “digital hubs” in Dallas and Barcelona, Spain, to centralize and advance the company’s efforts around such technologies as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company plans to launch additional hubs in the future.

The Dallas-based hub will support PepsiCo Foods North America and PepsiCo Beverages North America. The European hub will serve as PepsiCo’s Center of Excellence for Global Digitalization priority programs.

“Our digital hubs will support PepsiCo’s efforts to be an even faster, stronger and better company,” said Athina Kanioura, chief strategy and transformation officer. “By creating an agile and dedicated environment where innovation will thrive, our talent will have the opportunity to lead work that will reach global scale and have a significant impact for PepsiCo for many years to come.”

The goal of the hubs is to help the company improve customer access to real-time sales and inventory data and offer employees predictive decision-making tools to manage complexity with greater efficiency.

“PepsiCo's digital hubs will greatly influence the way the organization reinvents planning, making, moving, selling and delivering products,” the company said.

The hubs are expected to create 500 jobs in Dallas and Barcelona over the next three years, according to PepsiCo.