The Multiflex from Fritsch, a Multivac company, produces a wide range of pastries, coiled baked goods and specialty breads with a single line. The heart of Multiflex is the reliable punching and turning unit. It punches and turns dough triangles in one working step, and the results are precisely aligned products without any tension or stretching effects. The servo-driven guillotine is used for items that are only cut crosswise. The entire synchronized cutting system moves with the dough sheet, providing uniform and uncompressed products even at maximum output.

“The Fritsch Multiflex is the ultimate cutting/punching/turning and pressing makeup line,” said Matt Zielsdorf, director of sales, Multivac. “Designed for our mid-industrial bakers, the Multiflex can be fed by dough spools created on a Fritsch reversible sheeter for a more manual operation or by the company’s Doughliner sheeting line for a fully automated operation.”

A number of specialized accessories allow the Multiflex to be configured for almost every product, range and operating process.

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